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0 A.D. Style track for STK

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http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=17542 tells you how to import 0 A.D. models into Blender, the other tutorials in that sub-forum are more related to 0 A.D. specific stuff, but might be worth taking a quick look at as they give an overview of how 0 A.D. does things (as are the wiki pages listed here: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/#Forartists: ).

For where to find models/textures:

http://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/art/meshes (i.e. art/meshes in the public mod in your local 0 A.D. installation, please see http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths for where the game saves its files on different operating systems, if you have e.g. Alpha 16 it will be in a zip file called public.zip, if you have SVN it will be under the folder structure described in the link at the beginning of this paragraph).

http://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/art/textures is the corresponding folder for textures.

As 0 A.D. sometimes uses one texture for several different objects, and has got other settings like shaders and particles, models and textures (and the other visual things) are combined in "actor files", which is hugely convenient when you do things for the game, but can make things a bit harder in e.g. your case. In other words, to find out which texture is used by a particular model, find the object you want and then locate the corresponding actor in http://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/art/actors , in that XML file you will be able to tell all the parts which make up each object :) (Some objects are made up of several smaller objects which are "propped" onto the main object, not sure if STK has got something similar, otherwise you might have to do quite a bit of work to combine things together.)

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