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Why does the spam filter reject my post?


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Today I tried to post a message to this site but the post was rejected by spam filter. The post is as follows:

Replying to stanislas69:

That's awesome, keep up the good work :) Do you think a 7time faster calculation would save up a lot of lag ?

No, 300Mc gain means only 1/6 seconds per game. Other games may gain more or less, I am not sure. Yet I haven't got total understanding about whole engine, I think the bottlenecks are other compornents.

Are there any stupid thing in my post? How do I avoid such annoyances?

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I reworded it and it got through:

No, 300 Mc gain is only 1/6 seconds per game. It might differ per game, but I'm not sure. Although I do not completely understand how the engine works, I guess the other components are the bottlenecks.

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