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Problem With Path : To be continued


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I played your commands.txt on r15637 and got debug output.

The Following messages appear repeatedly:

WARNING: Petra baseManager problem with accessIndex 6 while metadata acess is undefinedERROR: CCmpPosition::GetPosition2D called on entity when IsInWorld is false
And other messages. these appear only once.
Turn 9620 (200)... ERROR: JavaScript error: simulation/ai/common-api/map-module.js line 35TypeError: p is undefined  m.Map.prototype.gamePosToMapPos@simulation/ai/common-api/map-module.js:35  m.Accessibility.prototype.getAccessValue@simulation/ai/common-api/terrain-analysis.js:327  m.AttackPlan.prototype.updatePreparation/<@simulation/ai/petra/attackPlan.js:530  m.EntityCollection.prototype.forEach@simulation/ai/common-api/entitycollection.js:196  m.AttackPlan.prototype.updatePreparation@simulation/ai/petra/attackPlan.js:514  m.AttackManager.prototype.update@simulation/ai/petra/attackManager.js:87  m.HQ.prototype.update@simulation/ai/petra/headquarters.js:1933  m.PetraBot.prototype.OnUpdate@simulation/ai/petra/_petrabot.js:85  m.BaseAI.prototype.HandleMessage@simulation/ai/common-api/baseAI.js:85


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Reading between the lines I’d say the pathfinder tried but failed to make a route.

Not sure how though. AH, because it couldn't find the files required to do the pathfinding?

Try re-compiling, maybe a change moved the path-finding changes to the pre-compiled location, and the game engine couldn't find them?

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