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Wonders give aura to surrounding

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Wonders have only been used for victory condition and decoration so far. So if no one has suggested this before, why don't different wonders gives out different aura? Aura like raising unit morale and attack strength etc, and slow healing for certain wonders. At least there would be a reason for us to build wonders from now on :D Wonders are pretty expensive to build, so having an aura around it is a very good reason to build it more often. I think this is a simple, yet good enough as part of the major feature. What do you think, guys? :D

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i think there was some discussion a while back that Wonders would give one of three effects, all of which affect territorial influence and can be toggled on and off. iirc, the ideas were Imperialism (improves the player's), Hegemony (hurts that of enemy players), and Alliance (improves that of allied players). there would probably be a default condition to each Wonder depending on their history or projected playstyle so that computer players use them most effectively.

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