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I know this is a very small post, but I just thought of an idea about the donations to 0 A.D.

What if you made a donation-tracker bar that shows progress of donations onto the site, so whenever somebody donates, it will update the bar!

This is my first post, and it is just a small idea, but I would like comments if this sounds cool!

-The picture is just an idea of what it would look like (Website Theme included, of course)


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Hello Christo, welcome to the forums.

The thing is it needs a specific "goal" to work first, as far as I'm aware WFG currently doesn't have any donation campaign, people still donate now and then. A progress bar is needed only when you're trying to raise enough fund in an ammount of time to accomplish some task.

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He does raise a valid point. so far I'm not sure how much money WFG has raised (and spent) for 0ad. if ever I felt like finding out, I would have to dig into someones paypal account or some forum thread or rather.

Not that I would, or care much of it, the game is free after-all, any donations made are voluntary and for the most part the only reward is the game.

However some people get e-peens when they see numbers, and especially money numbers.

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