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(ROTE) ===[TASK]=== Storehouse: Cāng Fáng (Han Dynasty)


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The first more complex 3D model. The wagon prop still is missing.

The reference of epicness was created by Ayakashi:


(all the following research by Ayakashi too)

Another storehouse + wagon reference:



The roof references:



And here my poor try to not let his work be for nothing: This time it's an especially awkward result, probably I have to add colours.



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You're right, the size ratio is really off. The buildings seem too big to me. I had some problems packing it all in the limited space, though I wonder why I didn't make the houses less wide.

I need to also think of the variation of the props. Thx for the feedback. (Not sure if I can texture it before the end of next week or even later depending on how much trouble the Mod Configurator will generate.)

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Oh thanks comrade. I have to change something about the tri count. The storehouse has 12 700 tris currently.

The texturing currenlty is a failed experiment. Even the view into the inside of the storehouse looks severly flawed. The UV unwrapping is pretty difficult to handle as long as I apply modifiers too early.

Will reduce tris + texture properly.


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I would love to use it. The right roof (noble version) apparently can't have such many details in geometry. I like your texture where you added the "rounded roof tile hills" via texture detail.

Perhaps we make your roof a bit more convex via 1 additional loop cut. If noone points out further improvements then we now have a new standardized roof.

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I'll fix some glitches + get rid of some polies. Then I'll commit it. It may take a bit as the roof will be a separate mesh added as a prop.

So you can simply drop in your roof (fit it in blender and set the origin to fit the current roof's origin). Then just reference your roof instead of mine in the storehouse XML I'll commit.

Don't worry if you encounter two prop-points for the roof (in the storehouse .dae, you don't have to both with it, just have to know what it's used for):

- One is for the roof's location in the non-upgraded storehouse.

- The other is for the upgraded one.

In the commit will also be a tech for upgrading as announced earlier. The tech will add a 2nd floor.

To test it I need a working Atlas. I hope the SVN-Relax Validator issues are resolved. Will pull + rebuild.

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