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That's where the problems begun, I only had Atlas terrain greeniness. Though one might be able to switch of the textures or switch them to violet or green (for greenscreen).

Luckily I've freecut it in GIMP (I think Photoshop has better tools for it but if you are using a student license then its license is changing the CC-BY-SA of 0A.D. I fear as student license is less permittive.).

Nevertheless here you go: the freecut versions.

With basic glow effect. Not much better.



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Thank you Mythos, I'll not reach this quality. I already wondered about the colorful clouds. Did you render them? Or is it careful layer blending ... (I tried with Gimp to recreate your color clouds but it did not work, I may have to use blender smoke simulation)

I hope Lion can use it somehow (I'm on Linux + Photoshop for Linux not exists I'm sure. :().

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