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Team Economic and Team Deathmatch.

Team Economic: One man chooses to run all the economy (aka perhaps the leaders of the civ? for instance the person who controls the economy and chooses the Roman Civ would be reffered to as "Caesar"?), Then the other chooses the role of "General" and controls maintaining, building, and moving army.

Team Deathmatch would be the same principal except maybe one would control a portion of military, or military constructing buildings, another would control another army, or group of military constructing buildings?

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1.) A turtle game-type where Fort-Class buildings, towers, and Civ Centers all have +75% HPs. All other buildings have +25% HPs.

2.) The opposite of above. Fort-Class Buildings, towers, and civ centers have -25% HPs. All other buildings have -50% HPs.

3.) A Fall of the Roman Empire game-type. Basically one player has a large city, but few resources. The other players have small cities, but a large amount of resources. It's a 4v1 race to see who can kill "Rome" first. ;)

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All those ideas are great mythos (maybe change the names of the different modes though:))

fall of roman empire... sounds very interesting imo. you could also make it fairer for rome if 2 players can play the same team. Or would this "fall of roman empire mode" have a time limit of somthing like 40 mins(or a few seasons), where if you dont conquer rome in the time limit, rome wins?

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Whoever is "Rome" in the "Fall..." game mode would be determined by whoever had the smallest team. For instance, five players on team 1 and one player chooses team 2, then the player on team 2 would be "Rome." This would work for more than one player being "Rome" as well.

Also, if you had 4 or 5 buddies and all wanted to race to kill Rome first, all you'd have to do is create a computer player and place it on its own team, and the game would automatically tag that computer player as Rome.

Come to think of it, Rome should have a lot of resources too. ;)

And the timer idea is cool too.

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Trading units would be cool. But some MP modes besides DM and Random Map would also be awsome. Forexample (taken from an idea i had for EMpires DotMW MP modes also posted at TLAs forum;

1. Destroyable bridges... maybe like in RA2.

2. Make it possible for Units to walk ON the walls, like in Praetorians.

3. You could also include high grass, that units could hide in, and bows could put on fire, also like in Praetorians.

4. Maybe include some more Multiplayer modes

Some ideas to more MP modes: I have no name for it, but it should be like this, everybody starts with an army, a big one, and no citizens, no building, just fighting. The one that has still units left wins. In this mode you should include points to attackers, like with 1 point you can "buy" 10 new guys or something... So that there will be NO defending...!

Another idea is "defenders and attackers" or something; IF units can walk ON the walls, you could include this MP mode! 2 players starts in a castle, you know, big walls around, so defending is easy. AND 3 players start outside and their objective is too take the fort (castle) and kill the remaining units.

This is just copyed from my thread at Gamespy forums (nobody replyed...) so there might be things that are quite wierd!

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