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[Status] Germanic Art Wishlist (2D, 3D, Animation, Maps/Campaigns)


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The civilization's design document will be compiled into this wishlist indicating status of progress and priority as well as guiding the way to the topic where the art is being developed (those ==Task threads).

- please post below if there are any things you would love to see. -

Eras/Civilization Variants to Model

  • Proto Germans (hunter gatherers),
  • Goths,
  • Franks (250..now),
    • Gauls (Roman Allied Franks)
    • Franks (Roman Invading Franks), Peak: ?, Region: Lower & Middle Rhine.
    • France (Renaissance, Colonial, Modern, Post-Modern, Future)
    • [icon] Holy Roman Empire (962 .. 1806)

  • Saxons (353..1483AD), Peak: 1000AD, Region: Central Europe; (Millennium I),
  • Viking:
    • Viking Seafarer/Alliance (?500BCE..now), Peak: 1000AD, Region: ?.
    • Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Teutonic Order, Norway), ;
    • Norman (Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Normandy) (911..1200AD), Peak: ?, Region: North West Europe.
  • Suebes (250BC..500AD) (Early: 250BC..1AD, Middle: 1..250AD, Late: 250..500AD)
  • Teutonic Order (1190..1809AD), Peak: 1000AD, Region: East Central Europe; (Millennium II) [Reference
  • Prussia (1600..1947AD) / Colonial Germans / Unified German Federation (Kaiser, 1871..1919) ,
  • Colonial Dutch
  • Austria-Hungary
  • ...
  • German Reich (Kaiser Germany 1871..1919, Weimar Germany 1919..1933, National Socialist Germany 1933..1945AD),
  • Post-Modern: American (1945..now) & Soviet Germany (1945..1989),
  • Europe (1989..now),
  • Future Germanics (now..end of world).


2D (Textures, Icons, ...)



Retake unit icon screenshots (now that we have player color)





  • Europe / Eurasia


  • Teutonic Wars.


  • France Germany Archrivalry.
  • Colonial Predominance.
  • World War I.
  • World War II & Doom.


  • Germanics + other Europeans under the American Flag vs. Russia, China, India, Brazil, South Africa (BRICS), Arab, Africa
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Some Dates:

Franks: They form in the year 297-ish, and I'd cut it off at Clovis' reign in 480's.

Saxons: The Saxons from about 353 or so, and I'd cut it off at the Battle of Mount Badon in 483 (I think it is)

Suebes: Suebes are a generic culture that last a very, very long time. The beginnings of the Suebic culture date to around almost 250 BC, and last until almost 500 AD. They would be divided into several periods: Early250-1), Middle (1-250), and Late (250-500). The Suebes included the Quaddi, Marcomanni, Alemanni, Asdingi and Silingi Vandals, Suebes, and uh... others. After about 500 Ethnogenesis splits it up into individual cultures like Bavarian and whatnot.

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Thank you for the dates. I'm happy our community has people around who are both interested in history and willing to contribute too. That's our rocket mixture.

Will update the list. Celts out. Goths in.

The Normans are also wrong .. or were all Vikings Germanic?

(Now I also know the Alemanni were Germanic, my gratitude for answering this question.)

I will create a separate topic for Celtic culture then.

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