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[Status] Medieval Art Wishlist (2D, 3D, Animation, Maps/Campaigns)


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The civilizations design document will be compiled into this wishlist indicating status of progress and priority as well as guiding the way to the topic where the art is being developed (those ==Task threads).

- please post below if there are any things you would love to see. -





  • Crusades
  • 100 Years War
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Just thought of a few siege weapons:

Part 1: (500-1000)

Mangonel/Traction Trebuchet (Invented by the Chinese and introduced by the Avars and Sassanids to the Rhomaioi)



Hand Trebuchet (Rhomaioi Portable Single-Man Traction Trebuchet) - this one is a maybe I guess. Could be an exclusive

No Images available :(

Late Roman Scorpio (Would be Rhomaioi exclusive):



Part 2: (1000-1500)

Counterweight Trebuchet (Invented by the Rhomaioi and spread quickly across Europe)

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