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[Collection] Mute's Gameplay Mods


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20 minutes ago, feneur said:

I would think that the garrison system would be a good start for an inventory system, depending on what one intends to do it might not be too difficult to use it as a base, but at the very least I'm sure inspiration can be taken from it :)

Kool thank you for giving me an idea

@niektb Permissions still wont let me write. you have me as a member in the orgonization. thats why it probably didnt work. when i created them it was right after i made the orgonization

Progress note. got water resources working now. but still need to test to see if it works in current version


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3 minutes ago, wamemufel said:

I'm curious to know why it might seem this way, because this isn't the case and someone who's been muted by a PMod isn't being protected from having an offense added to their account. Just the opposite, if anything

What are you refering to ?

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