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(RoM)===[TASK]===Flaru Buildings


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well below i will give what i have so far for buildings

the layout will be (flaru name | 0ad Equivalant | Discription|(then posibly a picture to help with rendering)then a tags on next line)

----------Tags meanings--------------

npa=No Picture Available

SW=Suggestions Welcomed


Please Reference the two tree images posted in the (ROM)----Task---Flaru---Civ Center post, when wishing to know what trees should look like

---------Buildings part 1---------------

Guard Tree | Defense Tower | Large tree with small hut surrounding middle of tree, tree is in center of hut


Tree of Sight | outpost | large tree with small platform at top


Vine Wall (will go small,large,tower,gate)

Vine Wall (s)| small stone wall piece | a wall of vines all ontop of eachother

vine Wall (L)| large stone wall piece |(same as small)

Vine wall (T) | wall tower | Large tree with square hut at top(SW)

vine wall (G) | Wall Gate | two (T) with a crack down vines, vine sides disapear when open?(SW)

Eve's Garden | Field | Four Small apple trees that come to a square (SW)

Tree of Water | (New) | A large tree with water flowing from two sides(maybe fountain out of sides)

Alchemy Tree | (New) | Very large tree, bark and leaves made of gold

----------Basic Tree Structure---------

(Please do not be rude about the image, it was just a quick sketch, you are free to submit any tree you like, will choose one i believe did the best)


--------------PLEASE FOLLOW---------------------

if you wish to make one, do not post on this thread, start new thread and use the name

(ROM)---des----FL----(flaru building name)

Please, it would be greatly apriciated, there will be more buildings in my next posts

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