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(Aristeia) Playtest: Egyptians


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But from now on. The support Converter is also working. Thank you idanwin for this awesome work.

Thx for Sanderd17 for the support.

And here we go. Check outfrom SVN and build athen_support_converter_a unit. It can convert enemy units really quick. Ultra powerful.

In the Screenshot the warriors originally were enemies. Now they are here.

I used the opportunity to make it compatible for the AI. So now it's no longer only possible for the Player 1.

Not sure if any building from the Egyptians in Bronze Age can already build this unit. Have to check.


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Good idea. Will also switch off the debug messages ...

Which buildings should convert units?

Btw. converting animals is easy now too. If I had more time this week I would immediately continue. Sadly I'm now in big trouble with other projects and have no more time this week.:/

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We need the animal conversion for herding/coralling and nomadic tribes.

Sorry for not being clear enough. I mean which buildings should be able to recruit those converting priests?

Also note that the healers are messed up. But I will fix this some time soon. It's not too hard. Actually it's already independent.

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Finally debugged mod-patch which turns pyro's component loading a bit upside down (hopefully without side-effects):
instead of thefirst component being the non-plus-ultra and not preemptable.
we now give every subsequent component which is registered with the same name the chance to preempt the previous one.

I tested it while playtesting Aristeia when I realised two or three problems:

- Axeman called Roman Swordsman. <-- entity template fixed in newest revision (I utilized our Egyptian Design Document).

- (I forgot this one.)

- Which units can build the large temple? (the large temple is where the converting priests are created .. and hence I not really were capable of testing it. Though my primary motivation was leper's Aristeia request so it was not for nothing.)

Overall it feels nice now. It's really a nice civilisation. We have some artwork which is missing. E.g. logos and some 3D models/ textures are reused from the persians.

But that's no problem at all. It looks very unique. And want to thank the creators and all involved for this faction.

Edit: That was the one where Aegis interfered when I held a troop show for photoshooting (instead they had to fight off the attack and what you see here are the remains of my photoshooting plans). One even lay on the market. It looks just as if we had walkable meshes.



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The baracks don't have a prop point garrisoned it tells me. Other than that and that the civil center's origin is not in the middle it's fine. <-- have shifted the obstructions instead.

Obstructions are adapted now.

Shouldn't we put some screenshots on ModDB? e.g.


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The baracks don't have a prop point garrisoned it tells me. Other than that and that the civil center's origin is not in the middle it's fine. Obstructions are adapted now.

I'll set the civil center's origin in the middle and rotate it 180 degrees.

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Garrisoned prop point missing in all buildings. Will open issue for it.

@Lion Garrison point is the place units goes were garrisonned not the place the flag is.

No, the garrisoned point ís the place where the flag goes:

<props>    <prop actor="props/special/common/garrison_flag_rome.xml" attachpoint="garrisoned"/></props>
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Lion, with git, you have two steps. First you need to commit, this saves it as a new revision, but only on your computer. Then you have to push, which means sending that revision to the origin repo.

I Commit but, Pull Full and other terminology can confused me.


Chinese haven't a blacksmith building

they don't have heroes and Elite Units and have poor siege units.

Shield3 is missing at 3 rank of Swordman

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