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===[COMMITTED]=== Zebu Rigging


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9 hours ago, GunChleoc said:

Maybe bend the legs too as it falls?

I think many animals stiffen up as they die. Or maybe have the animals legs give out first and have it fall straight downward and then fall to the side secondarily. Or front legs give out first then the back legs. Just some ideas. Many ways of doing it. 

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@stanislas69 i tweaked a bit the zebu armature and added helpers for animations + other additions, as soon i'll get the cattle textures i'll upload the blend + mod folder.


  • Added Bovidae_ suffix for avoid breaking other armatures.
  • Added walking relax animation.
  • Added running animation.
  • Added 2 death variant animation (Still have to recreate the ones already done).
  • 4 Idle animations
  • 1 Feeding animation
  • Merged similar meshes on the blend file (Cattle - Sanga Cattle - Zebu).




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13 hours ago, Alexandermb said:

i require some of your knowledge here @Nescio for specific names for this mod:Cattle.7z

Here you go:

  • Bos taurus taurus (European cattle)
  • Bos taurus africanus (Sanga cattle)
  • Bos taurus indicus (Zebu)

The calf actor is as large as the adult cow, perhaps you could have a look at it? Other than that, great, hopefully it'll be included in A24!

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By the way, it would be nice if you could also create their wild counterpart, the aurochs (Bos taurus primigenius), which is now extinct (since the 17th C AD), but was still quite common in Europe in our timeframe; its numbers decreased in Late Antiquity due to habitat loss and demand for Roman games (the Romans introduced bull-fighting to France and Spain).

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