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With recent games such as Red Dead Redemption, Left 4 Dead 2, and The Last of Us being hugely successful,
we have decided to change the overall direction of 0 A.D. so that it can appeal to a wider audience.


We have many gameplay changes planned, such as removing the Roman faction and replacing it with
an AI controlled horde of zombies. This transformation will probably take a few weeks to complete.


The name Apocalypse of the Dead works well with our current title 0 A.D. because it means we don’t have
to purchase new domain names. The ‘0’ therefore signifies the start of the apocalypse.


Note: All comments in this topic may be moderated.

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The second par we called Cities besieged by zombies.

In my futuristic apocalypse the plague is originated by scientistic finding the immortality. But they test it to Pompeii dreads, with ADN code like Jurassic park.


Very cool indeed, history and realism are overrated anyway ;)

The overrated is very overrated. Hahaha

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The things I like most from your latest patch are:

- The ripping out guts animations

- The sacrificial pits with blood lakes on their ground (I'm working on a blood eroded terrain)

- The Golgothan excremental demon (see here) It perfectly fits in the timeframe.

EDIT: Oh, just found the pyramidal temple with the constant stream of PPL being quartered. Perfectly done!

I don't thing the skeleton spawn points should be restricted to the zombie players territory though. They block each other and stumble about each others bones (and enemy guts) ATM.

What about converting PPL to the zombies by ripping of their flesh and transform them to skeletons (until now only the guts are flying around and they are converted to zombies). At least alternatively? (The burning skin shrivel animation is done well. Perhaps burn the PPL? We could add support for the olfaktorik output device to make it smell like burned flesh)

Cool power suggestions: Like in this holy book maybe we could add the zombie hero ability of cursing the enemies like: "May your guts entangle the next thornbush!" (at least if they worship Om)

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What's obvious? :P

We're not editing posts anymore - we were just joking around :)

I mean it even has "Date of announcement, 1st April 2014", who could miss that even if lazy with remembering the date and not estranged by the content. Anyway I'm thinking too much I guess:p

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It's funny because I've seriously thought about a 0ad mod with skeleton armies few month ago. Skeleton legionaries fighting skeleton hoplites with skeleton horses and skeleton elephants. I thought it could be cool. :)

This might interest you Omri : This idea came to me while I was listening to R.e.I. by Axis Mundi Actum. It's dark and epic, it would suit perfectly. :)

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