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Wall towers should have more people garrisonned


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Normal infantry shouldn't be able to attack walls in the future. Next to that, wall towers are way cheaper. I dare you to build a number of wall towers for the same price as a castle, garrison them, and see what's stronger.

And I do ;)

I like wall towers and use them a lot, especially palisades siege wall towers to aid defense to my units. And I do agree with not having the infantry attack walls, though this should really also apply to buildings as well. Further to this, instead of attack, they should capture and with the walls you need to have a limit set for infantry to scale walls and capture towers. 5 infantry unit limit (let's say) is the amount required to scale walls. Like the Roman pyramid with shields. But the 5 units on the ground remain with shield pyramids and any excess infantry scale above those 5.

This I want included in my mod.

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