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Faction: Anglo-Saxons


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On 17/3/2016 at 0:02 PM, wackyserious said:

Anglo-Saxon barracks proposal (Can be created by joining two copies of the house mesh on the right, it uses the 4x4 gravel decal)

Additional props: campfire, and two wooden bench



Missed that one. Would that do ?



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On 3/19/2016 at 0:07 PM, Le Druide Gaulois said:

I've made a sketch for the barracks here:


I looks more like a hall.

@stanislas69 Nice! The cloth on the bench + the shield makes it very distinctive, we should also use it on the Civ Center.

But Le Druide Gaulois mentioned that there was already a concept for the barracks. We can maybe use it as a placeholder for the mean time.

Here are some concepts for the market, it uses the Atlas stall entity/props (The one on the right also uses two bench props)



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Gonna use it as the market likeon the bottom left reference. I need to edit the cloth to make it like squres and not lines to match the other drawings. I'll start the barracks. Tell me I remember seeinf stuff about missing helmets and props do you remember where it was ?


Edit : the CC will have his shields :)

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That's not something with a high priority, you can work on it as a side task if you have textures to make.



For some reason every color is **** up, and so is the anglo saxon texture.

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Because Reasons
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@stanislas69: ow, then I don't know what the issue is... (it works fine here). 

But I noticed that the Saxon buildings have severe normal (?) issues, what was the cause of that? (I forgot):



Also the clothing on the benches is broken (they are completely black and without player color)

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1 minute ago, stanislas69 said:

Well the clothing is because of the texture, cause it works fine in Blender.

Then what's wrong with the texture?

1 minute ago, stanislas69 said:

About normals can you be more specific ?

You can see the roofs from the stable, right?

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