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Suggestions for 0 A.D.


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What about.... that the strategist wich you are playing... can choose the equipment for any soldier....

like you would improve your soldier not by upgradeing them but giving them better equipment and putting em on training =)

oh and when they go to the battlefield their battle tactic's advance (Like they would have half of their own mind)

if it wont be that much trouble i would like those =)

oh and they would have wounds after a big battle if wearing lower lvl equipment and low lvl training

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Well, I wouldn't get too carried away with the feature requests. Armor upgrading implementation might be a tad difficult at this point, and remember that although it isn't polished, the game is in a somewhat solid state. Units will be upgraded by the amount of time that they're alive in three stages: Basic, Advanced and Elite. The units will be upgraded in all sorts of manners, including armor and all. I'd say this is just about as accurate as it gets. As the unit ages, he gains more experience, and is given better armor and weaponry combined with his skill, making him much more worth having.

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Could you make it so roads are buildable in-game? I'm tired of AoK's preset roads on the map that can only be removed (build something on top of one) and not created. Perhaps units could be able to move faster while walking on roads? Also, the Romans should have some bonus to do with roads, as they were known for their road-building.

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Units will be upgraded by the amount of time that they're alive in three stages: Basic, Advanced and Elite.

I myself love the idea of units gaining experience. I once played a game called theocracy where experience was one of the units' stats (along with attack, HP, armor, morale, stamina, you name it!). However, I'm not so keen on the idea that the time a unit is alive determines their experience. Perhaps you could change it to how many kills a unit gets? This would make it so you end up getting "champion-units", who have proven their prestige in battle, kinda like "minor heroes". Just an idea. :)

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There has been an evolution in the AOE series, Where all civilizations had the same units, Age of kings added a unique unit to each civ. In 0 AD each civ has its unique units!!! Cool.

But will every civ get the same buildings? Probably another skin but buildings with a unique function?

I would love unique buildings!!!!

Let me give a few examples:

Celts: Temple of Teutatis, Gaelic wall, ...

Romans: Praetorian Camp, Limes ( fortifications), Aquaduct

Carthagians: Barka Palace, Merchant harbour, Temple of Moloch

Iberians: Mountain camp, TIn mines, ...

Persians: Statue of the 10.000 immortals, temple of Zoroaster.

Hellenes: Oracle, Long walls (of Athens), Olive groves

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