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[minimod] Polynesia

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Ever since I improved the water graphics I've wanted to play with a polynesian nation on 0 A.D., just going around the map, fighting gaia, things like that. So these last 2 days I've made a very quick Polynesia minimod. You can't really "play" it, it's mostly to fool around with the civ.

I recommend you only play it on the Naval scenario "Polynesia", which is unfinished too because it's a little boring to just plot trees. The finished part looks nice though. No real enemy.
Maybe I'll get around to adding actual gameplay to it (mainly, an AI that does things). It might be fun if I can get my core idea to work (check the text file).

-You can build polynesians villages in places where you could build docks, if it's in neutral territory. They act like CCs and are the only polynesian building
-Canoes can fish if you garrison females in. They can attack if you garrison warriors in.
-Warriors will switch between ranged/melee attacks based on distance.
-Sharks won't attack you, but they are everywhere on the unfinished Polynesia map. You can kill them, if you can catch them.
-Most islands are full of animals, both nice and not.

Sanderd, you'll want to look at the components folder.

I've attached the base art files (blender/photoshop) if people want them too. In particular I've remade the sharks, they might be better than the existing ones.

The good thing is that I've gotten a lot better at understanding animation integration from Blender to the game.


post-9128-0-39244600-1387725972_thumb.pn post-9128-0-43262400-1387725986_thumb.pn post-9128-0-38930600-1387726009_thumb.pn



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Looks good! Might be a map used for the viking civ in our upcoming 1,000 A.D. mod. :-)

Some comments:

- I don't know if it's done on purpose but the fishing boats are not automatically dropping their resources at the village.

- How do you get resources like wood?

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Indeed, I'd see many possible buildings, from Village to Town, or even City/Realm phases:

  • houses, or would "villages" be build-able nearer from each other?
  • farms, or maybe a complex farm+closed field for vegetables, as in New Guinea, Pascual Island, etc.
  • corrals for pigs and poultry where/when available.
  • a smith, for hard stone and mother of pearl technologies.
  • a market place, maybe scarce (large distance between each other), the real but late place of power, the size of a village (in fact a very peculiar village). Resources exchanged there would be food and metal, metal being trinklets made out of native nuggets, useful hard stone (obsidian) and mother of pearl/ivory/bone.
  • a religious center, to produce priests and (witch-)doctors, or as a wonder.

Stone and metal mines would not be exploited but there would be a small income in bones from greater animals and whales, as well as small mother of pearl deposits on the beach.

Not joking, this mini-mod could be an experimental testing box for all neolithic civ. that could interact with other Bronze, Iron or Middle Age ones (some Amerindians (the most advanced was Copper Age), Africans, Polynesians). I mean, at one time, they were not simple hunter-gatherers anymore.

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I like the idea of such a lower technology, some don't it's a historic, we would need a generic disadvantage for lower technology culture perhaps:
Neolithic +1 attack damage when facing neolithic units. - 20 attack if facing any unit that is not neolithic.  

I like the native metal trinkets idea some do exist but rare. Once metallurgy came along they got upgrades to pure items or were counted as valueless. Pacific islanders had pottery in the high islands but no pottery in the low islands.  

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