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===[TASK]=== Celtic unit icons


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I like the one that isn't cropped more. Is it possible to have it posted in the size it will appear in-game? I'm wondering if the spear works in a smaller image better than the large one. By that i mean i think it would be better to have an out of proportion spear that can be recognised easily than one that is in proportion and disappears because it is too small. Then again I'm not on the art team so take my opinion with a grain of salt

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I think he looks too friendly, but I'm not sure what it is exactly.

A few ideas:

  • There's very little contrast. I only see darker spots near the shield and in the background. Especially his skin looks quite pale and a bit boring. there's not much expression in the face, especially in the smaller version as it will be seen in game.
  • The pose is more defensive and looks less "confident" or "heroic" compared to other portraits.

You probably know about LordGood's thread with unit portraits. Maybe you find some additional inspiration there (the portraits get better quickly as the thread progresses).

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I have a celt spearman 'gaeroa' in the carthaginian icon thread, He has an interesting expression but thats about it xP

but if you start at the beginning, you can see a lot of the mistakes I make, and steer clear of them from the start ;)

there are also lots of critiques from the forum members that can be helpful too, theres one really good one from another portrait artist JustinOperable, who did the Hannibal hero portrait for Carthage, among others

(justin's hero portrait thread could be dug up too, he posted WIPs from time to time. They can be used for insight into his technique)

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The icon of the "female festival" technology (available in the houses) has a baby in it. So I think, to avoid confusion, it'd be better to not display the baby. As females are only meant as workers in our game (sorry for that, it's true for the Greeks and Romans, but there are civs that should really change this), it might be better to display something work related.

Like the Carthaginian female has some corn. Carrying a basket would also work.

For the healer, I think he should be looking at the camera. All units are attacking the camera.

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