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(Bronze Age) Major Culture Groups for Aristeia


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Hey Everyone,

Here's what I've got for the Culture Groupings (meaning shared building styles, unit styles, and good historical relations)

I think we should hold off on introducing any other new civilizations for now, at least until we have made more solid progress on the ones that will definitely be included.

(NB: An "x" after a civilization name mean a Design Document has been started for that civilization)

(sort of Lydian)

Lydian (I think this is a possibility if we include Troy with them)

Phoenician x
Hebrew/Israelite x


Babylonian x

(some early Iberian civ, maybe Argarica, also maybe Tartessos, or any combination of all of them)


*If we can get enough research on these guys, I think they'd be a unique addition to our mod...

As for the Sea Peoples: I'm still not sure as to whether or not they should be included--I'm leaning toward including them as mercenaries for some of the factions (maybe Mycenaeans, Minoans, and Phoenicians)

On the note of Culture Groups: We are still looking for skilled modelers... if you aren't too busy with the vanilla project, or if you feel like helping us out anyway, please look at the references we have gathered! A lot of them can be used for multiple civilizations' buildings/units, so one model can go a long way!

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You know we have a time frame from. 1500 BC and 500BC. Because the faction are most balanced technologically, I mean you don't expect see old Sumerian against Neo Babylonian Empire.

You Forget the Etruscan, and may be have a Indic Faction.

Sea people are important are like Vikings may be they can includes with second part when the vanilla game will have Nomadic gameplay.

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