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yeah :P

as a non-historical just-for-fun part of the game, what does everyone think about a zombie apocalypse mode when it comes to random maps? in addition to defeating the other players (possibly) there could be some game modes which introduce gaia-controlled zombie units which will threaten players and actively seek out enemies. the zombies are very basic and don't use weapons, but are practically immune to projectiles (except for stones like those thrown by catapults, etc.) and are capable of crossing water by walking under it. they have a decent amount of health and have a special ability where another zombie is automatically spawned when they kill another unit with a 60% success rate. for gameplay purposes, there would be a number of randomly-placed "zombie factories" that would be where the zombies spawn, with one coming out automatically every five minutes or so in addition to there being a decent number of zombies on the map at the start of the game and any new ones that come up as they kill people

again, just for fun ;) it has nothing to do with the historicity of the game

on a meta level, i think it could be pretty interesting; i don't think zombie apocalypse scenarios have ever been rendered in RTS style (it's mostly shooters) even though zombie-like elements HAVE been put into some RTS games (i think)

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