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===[COMMITTED]=== Ptolemies Dock


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Hi Duke ! :) Welcome aboard !

Good work so far ! I like how bulky you imagined the platform. It could be a good way to distinguish it from the dock of the other civs. I'd definitely suggest to keep this idea, it looks epic.

On the other hand, I don't go for the building up there, because it's (to me) too much in the spirit of a temple, which is not necessary here. Could you test a simpler and more utilitarian building ? The figures paintings on the wall are also out of place here, I think. I recommend you to check the other docks from the game. I especially like the one from Mauryans, which is also the latest that was modelled.

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I thinks its alright if the Ptolemaic dock is a bit bigger, they'll have the most powerful naval units in the game, no doubt

It should look more utilitarian, as Ludo says. Docks are seaside markets, after all. Give it a feeling of being both a commercial port and a military drydock.

Right now it feels like a glorified pier, but I love that bit of Age of Empires inspiration I see in there ;)

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Hey Duke,

It's true that we want to make each civilization look unique, but we also want to keep some consistency in the building layouts of the same type.

Right now, the portal entrance and the squared house-like construction seems to have very inconsistent proportions between them. Also the whole structure seems to be too big for a dock... but is hard to tell. You should make the structures look like they have some purpose to be there, and they must look useful/needed for the whole composition.

Here are some images for inspiration (not to make it like them, but to gather some ideas)





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Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah i knew it was to big and the house was just a quick dummy placeholder.

My thoughts on this was related to Alexandria (wich is a huge city i know).

But as the Egypt are known for architecture and maritime knowledge i give it a try.

I thought that they were so advanced in architectural consturction with piers and wave breaker

to give it this kind of look instead of ripped of wood piers. ;-)

I will take your suggestions into the next layout and post the results here!

I'm also in contact with an Illustrator for doing a sketch for this.

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Does this fit better in the 4x4 grid??

And by the way what should the polycount for These models?

I have read in the ArtDesignDocument a number of 800 but the Art Dev Task track says i guess 4k-6k Polys?!?!

And the Objects currently in the game have between 3k and 6k so i'm fine with my 1100 polys i guess?!?

( i know about the textures and unfinished lighthouse it's just for the size as i have huge Problems to export it from 3DSMAX and build an actor out of it to compare the in the MapEditor )


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I suggest to remove the tower (probably not necessary at all, especially if we consider the Lighthouse available i this civ) and to enlarge the building to have it much more in the scale of the rest of the structure. This building doesn't seem able to host what would come from such a large platform.

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The concept looks better, but the proportions are way off.

The doors look tiny compared with the rest of the structure, or the structure is huge.

We're not aiming for 100% realistic structure scale compared to units, (buildings would be too big for a RTS) but you should make some parts like the doors correspond with the unit sizes in the game.

You should definitely try to import a dock or a building from the game in order to get better proportions.

In the texturing side, you can see how small are the bricks in the big structure compared with the ones in the lighthouse. Or how the surrounding blocks in the square platform has much less texels than the other mapped textures. You should work on that too.

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I think the white ones look better for better contrast with all the beige walls, while the 'new' ones used on the market just look too much like leather or something (they don't look like cloth) and are almost exactly the same color as the walls, offering less contrast. Just my opinion. Do with it as you will. (y)

I agree with Micheal on that point, unless you're planning on introducing more light colors. It's looking brilliant so far

Alrighty then, I'll add the standard variation to the stalls. Since they don't have even topology, it may look a little warped, but I'll try my best.

Here's a docks draft:


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