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Release the Artwork

Tomas Vardzik

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So, after almost one week after joining I am starting a new topic where I will submit all my artwork, I will not scatter it across all forum.

Before scrolling down, just notice that

  • work i submit here might not be finished
  • please leave some feedback or just vote up for the sketches you like or want me to improve
  • Do not spam: just to make this topic clear
  • Be patient: as well as I am employed and studying, the time is precious to me to create these

So lets get started.

n.1 : The night gathering

Spotting the enemy before they spot you , know their location and have a net of "eyes in the forest" is the prelude to good strategy. Romans were in position of invaders and their presence in every foreign land was unwanted and met strong resistance. And fist encounters with new enemies were cruel.


Done entirely in photoshop, cca. 5h.

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Aesthetically it's nice, but if I was a Celt warrior, I would certainly not mass infantry men with torchs behind a line of trees close to a Roman camp like that !

And I would probably not attack on a open terrain under full moon's light !


PS: I like the dog with the knife in his mouth.

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I love this first image, Tomas. I'm absolutely fond of that kind of scene, moonlight, torch fire, and this atmosphere of calm before the storm. I suggest you dig this theme, because you seem to have a good feel on it, judging by this first one, and this is a very interesting theme full of suspense (in comparison with attacks, which are so common in the strategy game artworks).

That said, serveurix raises clever points about the moonlight and torgh light issues in a night attack situation. So, for next works, taking this into account would be a good thing.

Actually, this image can work somehow because it's not told if this group is about to attack or not. Maybe they are just scouting around and planning things for a later attack.

I wonder how this scene would work if you would remove the torch and then only have the moonlight on the Celt guys, and a strong contrast with dark tree silhouettes before the blue sky.

I'm very excited to see what comes next! :)

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Thank you for the previous feeback guys, I take it with myself to next work. To repair the night scene with torches, I will come with another one , but now I have almost accomplished portrait oriented work in which there is much to do but you can see this version. And sorry for my counter-roman attitude, don't worry, brighter times will come for them.

n.1 : The breaking lines

First to the portrait oriented artwork series.


What comes next?

Will you blend with the night and join a party of Britons to take back their homeland?


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Good work on this second one !

I like the scene, the colors, the idea of this stand alone Celt frightening the Romans ! :)

There are 2 things I think should be corrected :

-his right leg doesn't really connect rightly to his body, it's starting too far from the other leg.

-the raised arm with the sword lacks dynamic and strenght. The sword feels light and not so dangerous... Maybe reshaping it a little bit, and giving some more tension into the arm, really about to hit, would increase the power of the guy's move.

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I think what Ludo meant is that the crotch is a little disjointed, If you had the musculature of his torso rotate or twist so that his abs end at the split of his legs instead of on his left thigh, it would help a great deal both in dynamism and anatomical structure

Looks like a very solid piece though!

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The way he's holding the sword now looks more natural, but I think the blade is turned the wrong way - he's going to be striking with the flat of the blade! It should be aligned with the line of his forearm. Might work better if the elbow is not bent as sharply.

The rest of it looks great, though.

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Ideas for peace scenes:

  • Plowing fields, harvesting wheat, wood chopping, people tending to livestock in the corral, chickens running around and kids chasing them, etc.
  • Construction work, especially of monuments, but houses are also okay.
  • Celebration at temple, animal sacrifice, drinking and dancing. Priests presiding over the whole affair.
  • Ancient marketplace scene: Livestock, fish, fruit, vegetables, fabric, ivory, amphoras and other pottery. People haggling animatedly and gesturing numbers with their fingers. (No anachronisms like tomatoes, please.)
  • Trade at docks: Merchants, dock workers lugging around heavy stuff, etc. Ships and wharves in the background. More animated haggling, people signing contracts.
  • The arts: Sculpture, metalworking, pottery, music, theater etc.
  • Hellenes: View of Athens from the acropolis or vice versa.

Ideas for war scenes:

  • Battle scenes: Open battlegrounds, siege warfare etc.
  • Unique formations: Phalanx and testudo.
  • Particular generals and campaigns (e.g. Hannibal and the elephants in the Alps).
  • Night scene: Soldiers at their camp drinking wine around a fire. Loot is seen in the background.
  • Roman victory procession with loot and prisoners.
  • Military training of boys with wooden swords and shields and such.
  • Celts: Warriors applying woad.
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