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===[COMMITTED]=== Roman Civ Emblem


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Add some red please. Is cool the eagle cool Enrique.

And if you can do this, can do the Ptolemaic symbol. For me is very hard to do a realistic coin like a artistic eagle from Hellenistic era.

And the shape of head is more different in a eagle, one thing differences a eagle from other birds is the head. Is no to rounded. Is very hard drawing a eagle, and the head is not to curvy.

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One other point for possible for improvement. The eagle looks a little too American to me. It would seem strange to some gamers to see the Romans represented similarly to the United States. That is not to say that the work isn't amazingly well done of course.

As the American eagle refers to the Roman one, this isn't too bad ;)


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Republicans: Yellow wolf, red background.


High Imperials: Yellow eagle, purple background (The color of the empire)


Late Imperials: White/Black constantine symbol, purple background (The color of the empire)


With the romans we should have an eye in part one and the other eye in part 2.

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