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Dynasties in 0.A.D


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today I saw some videos in the RTW 2 see You can choose a main faction I Campaign map, next you can choose a Dynasty to play, in Romans you choose, Julia, Cornelia and Junia. The Carthaginian choose Magoid, Hannoid and Barca. And all main faction have that.

I was thought about choose the bonus and wonders depending to the a Dynasty and in same way, have special buildings and unlocks others units.

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it's a idea an can be part in second part,

I don't mind if somebody want changes or do other perspective to ideas, the idea is link to a Historic family name or famous Character.

I have to admit i don't if thethe Iberians and Celts have some Dynasties.

But was great idea by CA Team of Total War Developers included this way the Topic. Of leadership in Total war.

Now if we can create a political atmosphere that is historical correct , why not do it. The people sometimes can see Innovation and changes and ideas, even if can be possibly.


-Achaemenid Dynastid.


Antigone Dynasty

Seleucid Dynasty

Ptolemaic Dynasty





Even Claudia

Later empire: Flavian.

But we can puts antagonist of those ones. In civil wars are two o more dynasties fighting each other. Even the Persian have some Civil War in Achaemenid days.

now the question is? Is possibly have a application beyond Total War concept Campaing?

And how.

Even Protoss in Starcraft have Faction into the races, Even Protoss have many tribes. And that give some immersion into a deep story.

Is misc element. even can put some Dynasty symbols in multiplayer to represent ( in the flag of rally point).

Other Element is to access to alternates units and structures and Civ bonus. the Persisn have for example a Building that are not in the regular Rms and the Greeks have the Stoa and others.

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personally, i think it would be best to base the campaigns on historical figures (read: the hero units) of each civilization, going about half-and-half for well-known and obscure ones. so, for instance, Part 1's campaigns could focus on Julius Caesar (for the Republican Romans), Alexander (for the Macedonians), Cyrus the Great (for the Persians), and Vercingetorix (for the Gauls), while other campaigns are added later as DLC or just in later releases (and depending on when certain civs are released; before the Mauryans were added, i had personally thought that an Alexander campaign could be held off until they were added in a later release)

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I don't want to discuss the Campaing, I love more the strategic map, the stories is old school but is no addictive but I don't want cut off from the game,e en is more easily to do than Campaing Strategic Map. And I can be identified with you Oshron, I respect you as RTs veteran gamer.

For a moment in the previous reply almost say about heroes. But what you say the heroes not represent all dynasties, is right.

But would be interesting do something similar, you enjoy AoM, you remember when pass the age select a minor god? And if I want Select a Dynasty for have a bonus, and for each game each I select one and play with the bonus, technologies, wonders, Special buildings. Etc.

I don't expect convert this game in RTW, because the builder RTS is more funny. Each game have own features. But Barcid Dynasty sounds petty cool XD. I love deep into the history.

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After try Rome II, the best thing a can rescue as gameplay with Dynasties, is the bonus for choose one.

We can choose Clans or Tribals.

Each with a series of Heroes. Can choose like Empire earth. In first 10 minutes o less.


Each with unique units or Wonders.

and why later, in Random map can give Tactical decision. when game started you can explore the terrain, see who is your enemy, where are the resources.

i love this idea than to choose gods.

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I think dynasties are probably a level of complexity too far, it'd make the came about three times harder to balance. 0AD has a lot more factions than R2TW, and having to balance three major bonus sets for each would take ages.

Also it's a bit ahistorical, in that the different dynasties in question probably didn't usually bring massively different things to the table - certain individuals did, but that's represented by heroes.

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