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AI development questions

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Hi everyone,

I just started programming AI's, but as I try to understand the working of the currently existing AI's, there are a few questions raising:

1. Which functions in the API are required for the AI to work properly? (e.g. gamestate etc.)

2. All AI's use a plan-queue-system. Are there other systems possible?

3. Why are the AI's stateless and is this required?

Glad there is a forum over here. :stinker:



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1. Technically, none. However the common-api (all versions) provide a few custom classes and a few basic functions.

A function called "HandleMessage" will be called every turn (with the game state as a parameter, and optionally the shared component). You can check this in the file base.js in any common-api (though v3 uses the shared component which makes this slightly more complicated).

2.Yes, if you can make one work.

3.Because they weren't designed that way. It isn't required.

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Could someone please rewrite scaredybot for APIv3?

Using APIv3 instead of v1, I tried to make scaredybot train a villager, but it gives me a bunch of errors that sharedAI is not defined in base.js (line 51).

Am I not permitted to upload .js files??? :P

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Okay, I downgraded my AI to v2 but now I get an comparable error, namely that _entities[id] is undefined at line 226 from base.js

This is my current code:

function NiBotAI(settings)
BaseAI.call(this, settings);
this.turn = 0;

NiBotAI.prototype = new BaseAI();

NiBotAI.prototype.OnUpdate = function() {
if (this.gameFinished){

What is wrong?

Second question:

Is there a way to reload scripts, so I don't have to reload the save game every time?

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After updating and rebuilding the solution everything goes fine, though it gives a warning. Where do I find an error log?


When I'm scanning with JSHint through APIv3 I get several errors like the following:

In Shared.js:

- 356,9: 'for each' is only available in Mozilla JavaScript extensions (use moz option).

In map-module.js:

- 5,1: 'const' is only available in JavaScript 1.7.

Is this known?

P.S. How do I send in a patch? (I've fixed several typographic errors in APIv3 like missing semicolons etc.)

Edit: patch attached. Wriattii's patch from APIv3 is also inside.


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