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Exilian Multiplayer Rankings


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There've been various discussions of people wanting to do more multiplayer stuff that I've seen; as such the Exilian has decided to start a multiplayer rankings system to give people a chance to have something to discuss and brag about! With the system we've picked you gain/lose score depending on the difference between your rank and your opponent's (it's the same system they use for chess tournaments).

Hopefully this will a) give people something to chat about more, B) encourage more multiplayer and thus a better awareness of what good/bad balances and builds are, and c) be a springboard for doing some proper tournaments at some stage in the future. :)


This may also of course turn out to be a damp squib of an idea that nobody wants to use, but we'll see...

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The leaderboard in multiplayer stadistic, I'd like to have a single page with all my rankings on it. Each map could have a collapsable section containing all the modes. If possible, with recent notices. I expect many people don't care about rankings, but then I bet quite a few do. As it stands, keeping track of my rankings is quite a chore. I have no idea if I've gone down a few places on any particular map/mode without trawling through each one individually.

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