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===[COMMITTED]=== Blacksmith Buildings

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Carthaginian Blacksmith concept: What do you guys think, like it?

Blacksmith concepts for romans and Iberians (Iberian one is based on it's current barracks, barracks model will be redone)

Yet another celtic blacksmith concept:

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I don't know if it's historical, I did it without references. It can be changed if you think it doesn't fit or it's historically inaccurate.

The door and other details are not complete yet. Just sharing to see if the community thinks it's the right direction.

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Good direction. The roof is okay. I think it needs a strip of tiles running down the valleys of the slopes though (the seams between the slopes). Hope that makes sense. Also, maybe mirror it so that the smoke stacks of all the blacksmiths are on the same side?

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I'd have to agree with the others, there's something not quite right with that roof, and I don't think a strip of tiles in the valley areas will help it. Other than that all the concepts Enrique's presented are ready to commit (y)

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