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Really needed for the game to progress. The game has great multiplayer potential. A multiplayer lobby would really help. Also just clarifying, the multiplayer is cross OS? Because I tried to host a game on my mac and have my friend connect via a windows and we were't able to connect and we both tried hosting. Thanks of the consideration.

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how works this, or what is the difference in the experience with Lan match? you can have a server?

At first, it will be like a chat room where players can meet and arrange games. You can host and join games listed on the lobby server, and clients won't have to enter the host IP directly, but otherwise it's exactly like a LAN or internet match.

Later we want to add features like UPnP and NAT punch-through to make it even easier to host, avoiding the need to configure routers. I'm sure we could add other features too (different levels and types of rooms, profiles, rankings), but we have to start with the basics and that is proving more difficult than it seemed.

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