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Your 0 A.D. Screenshots


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@Mr.lieStan is away for a conference for the next few weeks. You might as well get a head start on the licensing requirements by following the instructions here.

You can also post a statement here that you agree to license the work that you publish to WFG repositories and forum. Copy/paste the form from another user's post into your own post.

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Been working on a Corinthian Isthmus skirmish map update:



a narrow strip of land with sea on either side, forming a link between two larger areas of land


(Above: The "isthmus" connecting both landmasses.)


(Above: Depicting the land of Greece, the world is full of capturable Temples and other things to discover.)


(Above: Cilician Pirate Ships are a danger to your fishing boats, but their ports can be captured.) 


(Above: Metal Mines sit in small pits to depict mining the Earth's surface.) 


Above: Resources can be mined very efficiently from abandoned ruins.)


(Above: Both players have a lucrative Stone mining pit nearby, but it's guarded by some Cretan mercenaries.)


(Above and Below: Capturable Shrines give your troops healing and your buildings a cultural bonus, i.e., more loyalty.)





(Above: A depleted open pit mine with abandoned scaffolding.)


(Above: Ready-made farms for the taking, but the local farmers won't give up without a fight.)


(Above: Angry Farmers who will defend their farmsteads)


(Above: Captured Farmsteads give the "Farmland" aura which significantly boosts farming efficiency.) 




First for Delenda Est, then I'll despecialize it (take out the Mercenary Camps, primarily) for Empires Ascendant


You'll have to contend with Pirate Ships, Brigands, and angry Farmers who will try to stop you from taking their rich farmlands. 

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On 23/10/2022 at 3:06 PM, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Someone can add this one to the social media accounts. Just mention that 0 A.D. Alpha 26 has a dozen mods for it already and more on the way.


amount of Otakus(That's what we call fans of anime and Japanese culture in Latin America) are going to join.

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Hey Guys,

I'm new in the forum, but I'm playing with 0 A.D. for years.
Mostly only using the editor. I really have to say I love the level of detail in this game. 
I'm what you would call a "Schönbauer" in German, beauty builder so to say. 
I'm currently working on a desert city, with Seleucid and Ptolemaic architecture, with some Carthaginian structures for highlighting. All on a modified "Oasis Map

ps. I'd like to share more screenshots, but somehow the forum doesn't let me.



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