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Your 0 A.D. Screenshots


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I've hidden three recent posts because they were unrelated to the topic, and if anything only could serve to cause conflict. If someone wants to be sure that others take their opinions/suggestions seriously I would advise to not bring up old conflicts but rather new ideas :)

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I'm sorry for that.
@Niek: Actually I like you, leper & co pretty much. Maybe it was due to that that I was so hurt back then in the Council with the internal conflict. So let's put some nice fertile soil above it.
Please never take my criticism personally. I am only fighting people's logic. I never fight people, I am only there to protect the good ones.

In recent years I am growing more and more unhappy with how the world fares. I hope together the young joint intellect with some support of the elder wise ones will manage to avert for the first time what history has shown as being almost inevitable once every few centuries - chaos and pain en grande globally.

And if you were in serious trouble (e.g. real world live endangering situation), be it Niek, leper or any other here, that tries to contribute something to the world, then I'll be there to help you out to my best and my death - even if I'm that a nasty guy when something contradicts logic or is inconsequent. I guess this is a point I will never learn to accept, that people become inconsequent to protect their minds., I hope you are doing better than me, as Emma Watson once nicely put it.

So I did not share code, true. Pretty inconsequent, but logical in the bigger picture:

Apart that the code had been and is still of no real help, because it is tested little and chaotic (since capability system), please understand that we need time because the project needs good solid grounds before being able to deal with collaboration of other projects because real world development tendency has required a shift of vast resources of mine from virtual to real world. It is easy to be overrun by the fragility of the world.

This is why I put energy into surrecting the worlddevelopment club with open bookkeeping. I want to get my person out of the play and increase objectivity. My mind is all about objectivity, I do not care about me as will verify those that know me a little bit. I tried to make it clear in the Council when I saw "core" as not helpful objectively and which was why I put my membership down as consequency when my logic went out of harmony with other "core" members of the council (so s2... "another one seconds" in a pull request comment directed towards my handling not of but in the Council as simple member was not objective as I always cared to not break CoM contributors, instead tried to lift their mood whenever possible till the quarrels that we'll now let grow nice crop above ;-).) As a consul (just a term for organizer, not that a consul has more to say than any other throng member) I will try to push all worlddevelopment projects towards and finances to be fully open and processes being transparent.

So when we manage to get our code projects at worlddevelopment cleaned up, then we'll open our sources as the throng votes and logic says yes to opening sources as soon as the project is out of the woods. Then we'll also publish releases.

Worlddevelopment's hardware projects also serve to protect what wildfiregames tried to contribute to - to a world of freedom, rights and justice. Actually the Age of Kings mod is a very great contribution. Thanks for that. And the screenshots people provide in this thread with these great optics enabled with their cool hardware also looks epic. Bare bones lost guys as me will not reach such screens ever. Have a nice day. Prosper, be happy and be evermore objective.

Yours old lost comrade,
in peace


Edited by Radagast.
add screenshot from when we worked together on RoTE. It was a nice time.
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On 23/04/2017 at 9:46 PM, wackyserious said:

Where did you placed/uploaded the helmets again? I already forgot where did you placed them. :)

By the way, your Gothic helmet, looks very awesome!

Thanks :) You can find everything here in one zip

On 03/01/2017 at 9:49 PM, stanislas69 said:

Actually nevermind it gives a nice variation  Full modification as attachement.screenshot0104.png


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6 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

That looks super nice. How did you do the walls of the acropolis? New mesh? Post the map file so I can make a super nice screenshot for you. :)


Btw - the Propylaea really needs a AO map, and it would be awesome if someone modeled the Erechtheion.

@Alexandermb did several variations of new wall meshes and a mesh called acropolis gate.

I will share it to you, but when its finished :P

Would be awesome too if i could rescale the theatre and the athens statue to taller versions

Edited by Skhorn
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