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This is a bit like my other thread "Civ Talk" but only difference is here we discuss Rome.

No reason, it's only as I happen to be the creator of that thread I was more Roman than Rome, and so the inner Roman inside of me spouted out like a gigantic beanstalk and dominated everything.... Like a Roman legion!!!

Yeah baby...

But also, the Roman inside me has made this so we can have a sensible and civilized discussion.

Now I further would like to add a little summery for that last thread. As you know it was locked because it halted in my defense of Rome.

I was the lone soldier... I defended Rome from all the members attacking her like the barbarous Goths and Vandals did. I warded off the predators from talking down on Rome, the sanctuary of peace and vibrant energy of progression. But ultimately that's what it's all about. Specially in life. We fight for what we believe in.

Whilst Amish and co might feel I was disrespectful to them in that thread, I have no personal issue with Amish etc. One should not relate a simple discussion and turn into a personal outbreak of hostility. We all have our set of opinions and our "heroes" if you will, and we all at least some of us are trapped in that whirlpool of enthusiasm for them. The primary cause for retaliation and conflict. When we engage in this thread, we need to be aware that whilst we fight for our civilizations whatever they may be, personal attacks insults and anything of that nature is not tolerated here. Keep that aside.

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I'm not sure but don't you think something like this is "discussed" better in a (so-called) "social" network or another place where it's more about opinions/believes than about developing a game?

I saw some more helping posts of you. I'd appreciate if you try to focus on that even if that might be hard for you.

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Burzum has been suspended for a week, for his behavior in the Civ Talk thread and his poor response to my warning.

I'm closing this thread in the hope he comes back with some sense of proportion about what it means to "fight" for one's civilization.

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