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Status update.

I still have not played the latest alpha due to hard drive failures and a @#$% load of work.

So my critical yet highly credible judgment remains on hold until furhter notice I am afraid...

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Hey Burzum why you dont play Svn? what is you use?... And other ask are you interesting in contribute with game? I was doing some drawings for Roman faction. You think can help me?

I have have some designs I have made similar to Hadrians wall, Roman architecture. I don't know if that would be of any use.

Various others etc.

I'm affraid I am too busy to contribute i'm afraid ;) I really am.

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The things I design are Roman baths and other other villa type structures. These are not really things to include in the game, but yes, a mans craftmenship is Romes beauty.

If I design @#$%, that would mean Rome is @#$% so I do my really best in all things I portray as Roman and that's how it ahould be.

With graphics, with building with code, it's all about the time and dedication spent and effort that makes a beautiful Rome...

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Eye candy are avaible in scenarios and will be included in campaign. If you play real rts don't include baths , like the city builders like Grand Ages Rome and other similar. I like roman statues to and i will rebirth some roman civilian in my drawings and military stuff.

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