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I love that selection screen, it would be a shame not to have it in the game. Keeping the drop-down menu available is very important though.

The problem I see with having a button next to the drop down menu is that it may not be obvious to new players that there is more information of civs to be found there. Maybe we should add a first time overlay that explains which button does what on the first launch of a fresh install (with a skip button, oc)

Really looking forward to using that marvellous piece of menu design :-D

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See here for related discussion. I've started working on a concept for our user interfaces and will showcase some of the new layouts below. The new theme will be rolled out throughout the game, but wi

Hey guys, why not combine both methods? I mean looking at Pureons mockups there is still enough space in the Match Setup Menu to integrate a button for something like "Show me the civs" right next to

Below are updated Photoshop visuals using the new official font and chosen button design. Note: content shown may not match latest game screens

Posted Images

Please, when designing these interfaces keep in mind mods that might add civilizations and factions. For example, try to design an interface that would work with 20 civilizations with 3 factions each, with some of those civilizations having instead o 3 just 1 faction, and others having 10 or more factions. The interface should be able to handle such a case.

Some suggestions with this in mind:

  • Get rid of the buttons on the left-hand side. Instead, organize the list of factions by civilization (like in http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.0/screenshots/dolphin-groups.jpg) and allow to chose a civilization. Clicking a civilization header selects all the factions of that civilization.
  • Use smaller icons (like in http://icrontic.com/uploads/features/2013/08/WorldMap.png , maybe without text as well since we have the informative right-hand sidebar).
  • When more than one faction is selected, add a message somewhere that explains that, when the game starts, a factions will be randomly chosen from the selected factions. This flexibility, being able to choose any set of factions regardless of the civilization to randomly get one of them, would be awesome, and you could still do it on a civilization basis as explained. Replace the Random All button with a Select All button on top of the list of factions.
  • The informative panel shouw show information about the faction that you are currently hovering, or the last faction that you were hovering if your are not hovering any faction at all.
  • We would need a cool vertical scrollbar when the list of factions does not fit the screen.
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21 minutes ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

All this discussion andnnothing happen. lol

If you ask me, there are some strong concepts like AOM GUI and AOE 3 style. Some time I was paste a interview with AOE GUI designer, were speak about the evolution between these interfaces. Session interface can be better like AOE 3. The game have these complex features and Mythology have enough room to show that quantity of information. But mythology have a Encyclopedia inside.

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