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Best 0ad games - videos

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Yes alpha, would be better :D

Geek : because for google, you need to have a gmail account or a facebook one. And i'm french so... :)

Not sure I follow. All of my french friends have facebook, so I don't see why that is a problem.

Also you can just make a youtube account and do nothing with it except upload videos...

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idanwin : so you need to do a gmail account, not a youtube account ;)

And if you haven't facebook..

Don't be so protectionist, and be happy other posibilities exists ! That's why 0ad exists : to offer another posibility than aoe, same for dailymotion than youtube !

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Oh, I'm not protectionist, I'm probably on about every social network I know, (although I rarely use any except gmail).

And as a matter of fact I'm even against social networks (I don't trust them for one cent) but I just mean that they can be really useful, so I don't see why you wouldn't use them, you can just make a fake account anyway.

I didn't know you needed a google account ... when I joined youtube it was still separate. The speed at which the internet and computer world have changed since I started surprises me time and time again...

(a recent example was my rediscovery of a 32MB SD-card and a 512MB hard-drive)

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