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Further AI development

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In the lástima weekend i see the Ai not match for me, even Qbot and Aegis Bot, dont attack me in hard. And dont expand them. Before was to hard for me matching against them, my last great battle with Aegis was several weeks ago.

Some changes in the code (like limiting the number of workers on a field) broke aegis economics (they only make one field, so never gather enough food). It should be fixed for next release.

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I'm playing from a recent SVN update.

Not sure what you mean by your second sentence. Did you mean "the AI is becoming too loose?"

I build towers as soon as I get to Town Phase, expecting the bad guys to arrive any moment, and lately they never show up.

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Ah, so I can go back to losing soon! I'll svn update every few days then.

We wait until Wraitii is back from holidays. For now, the AI only uses one field, but because the number of workers per field has been limited, they never produce enough food to do something.

A quick fix is to go to simulation/ai/qbot-wc/economy.js, and delete the condition around line 130 (keeping only the line that has the comment "5 workers per field max"). It doesn't fix everything, but it's a dirty hack to at least make the AI do something.

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My real name's James Baillie, since that doesn't seem to be in at present. :)

That happens with Qbot? And Jubal returns if we asked to update the Jubot, I miss that system to attack, if we do more aggressive a constantly rusher are very entrained, I love Aegis are similar but Qbot in the early alphas make me cry like Medium Ai of Starcraft 2 and that Ai is a cheater XD.

The turtles love play against rusher, they test defenses very well.

The Ai can have fleet behavior, that's happens when calculates they can't won a skirmish.

I found this, they programming them own sc2 Ai and explain how, may be see quickly view can get ideas.


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But if i give a user avanced in this API can be useful? Because this team work hard to have own Ai.

Here is a explication of each level very basic:


I found that, is very complex



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Aegis is working much better in SVN :) I saw a few notifications though, using alpha123's new change player control, one was about an embassy having a build limit of one (apparently it's ignoring the limit), the other was about building a field on invalid terrain. That reminded me of running a game with command debugging turned on in Commands.js, here are examples of some interesting warnings:

WARNING: Invalid command: repair target is not owned by ally of player 3: ({type:"repair", entities:[7569], target:7844, autocontinue:false, queued:false})
WARNING: Invalid command: build restrictions check failed with 'Field cannot be built on invalid terrain' for player 4: ({type:"construct", entities:[7230], template:"structures/spart_field", x:898, z:970, angle:2.356194490192345, autorepair:false, autocontinue:false, queued:false})
WARNING: Invalid command: build limits check failed for player 2: ({type:"construct", entities:[7410], template:"structures/cart_embassy_italiote", x:414, z:166, angle:2.356194490192345, autorepair:false, autocontinue:false, queued:false})

The repair failures have been around for a long time, but they are almost constant and should definitely be fixed at some point to avoid wasted CPU cycles/network bandwidth. None of these appear to be release blockers though.

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It didn't actually change, I just fixed it. I still have quite a bit of work on the AI, in the end (naval stuffs remains semi-buggy and unoptimized, and the economy is not quite as good as it used to be as I've changed stuffs semi-blindly).

Historic_Bruno, I agree about the errors, I'll have to look into them. The "wrong spot" one is annoying as right now the AI can't do anything about it, really. Fixing this means making plans resilient (probably easy to do) and means making the game send messages to the AI that a building placement has failed. This is more advanced behavior (tied with allowing the AI to scout the planned area beforehand for, say, Civil centers) and not started yet.

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