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===[COMMITTED]=== Mauryan light & medium Warships

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Nice. Some ideas for the props:

For the weapons, you can make some kind of weapon holder like this:


I'd add two or three more barrels and shields. If it's not too inaccurate we can use some shields like this?


Adding shields is a good move because you're "filling" the ship with playercolor without having to worry in the ship textures, so it would be nice if they're visible in both sides of the ship (maybe in the interior like you did instead of the exterior because of historical accuracy)

I think it's almost ready to sail! ;)

keep it up!

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I quickly found some things I didn't like so I'm attaching a new image. These include, slightly larger paddles and some decoration on the wooden support for the ropes. Also, don't pay too much attenti

This is my first go at the smaller boat with two sails. Not many changes so far from the larger boat, but it's still work in progress

Hi guys, I started working on the large boat and this is what I have so far. Triangle count is ~760, however, the ropes and sails still need to be duplicated. It's still a work in progress in terms in

Posted Images

@lilstewie- Is not putting shields on the side of the boat, a viking dragonship stereotype?

Probably, that's why he's adding them on the interior. (Although vikings weren't the only ones who did that)


Looking good. :)

Last request, could you make the orangish decorations in the hull of the boat with partial transparency to make them playercolored?

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Ok, I put it in-game and here are some mistakes to learn from them :P

-Origin point was under the waterplane (below origin coords). Looks like the deck is full of water:


-The props were parented to "box012" and "Mesh" empties (there should be parented to the actual mesh named "untitled") maybe it's caused by the exporter, I don't really know.

-The ship was not centered at origin coords (0,0,0) so the ship turned from a wrong pivot point.

-It was facing the wrong direction (just rotating the whole ship 90ยบ before exporting fixes this)

I fixed this issues and here's the final result:


I added the fishing ships to compare scale. The model looks great, but maybe the whole ship needs to be scaled up, but I don't know how big the actual ships were.

And we're going to need playercolor on the sails definitely, what do you think?

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@Enrique: Sorry for the bugs. I'm having a lot of problems with the exporter. Every time I export geometry I reset it to the origin and I made sure that the water plane was below the deck. However, I tried reimporting my own model to see how it would look. Sometimes the boat would import flipped on the z axis and the pivot would reset itself making the water go above the deck. The helpers were also parented to the boat, e.g. if I moved the boat, the helpers would follow. I'm not really sure how to prevent this from happening in the future, because to my knowledge, the file should have been ok.

As for the sails, I think adding player color there would be an improvement. Thanks to everybody for the feedback

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Here's the link to the texture file: https://www.dropbox....n-LargeBoat.png

We could modify the sails if you guys think it's necessary or it would look better.


its be good idea have a Variation but, i don't want to take it. but i leave the Symbols in a downloadable link. Edited by Lion.Kanzen
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@Ndragu, don't worry about the bugs, you're here to learn :P (I still make off-centered mistakes quite often lol)

Probably the parented props to an empty wasn't a problem, I just mentioned because I don't usually see that.

The best way to check how is imported into the game is trying by yourself. Luckily here are two tutorials for you to test adding props ingame. (just try with little test-assets to see which problems you can find) You can ask any doubts/problems here if you encounter any. The tuts made by our team member Pureon:

http://trac.wildfire...DImplementation (just skip the blender edition part, the rest is the same)


Definitely looking better with playercolor on the sails. Nice work!



I don't think adding symbol variations on the sails will help to identify which faction owns the ship, but that's my personal opinion.


The fish boat sail don't look so triangular, I kind of like it deformed by the blowing wind. I would leave it as it is now.

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@Enrique Okay @sails

The symbols on the sails may not enhance civilisation recognition, but I do believe it will add to the game. I always loved how the symbols on the sails in AoK had variations.

It will also make your navy look a bit less uniform ;-)

I agree with idanwin.

It would be cool to add at least 2 symbols.


Like the wheel of law.

Edited by lilstewie
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What should the second warship look like? I assume it is a bit smaller than the one I just modeled. Should I simply make a smaller version of this one?


Yes, a smaller version, this time with just two main sails. But I'm going to scale up the three sail version you did. I'll let you know once I scale it up to use it as scale reference ;)

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