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Civ: Egyptians (New Kingdom Egyptians)


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The player colour doesn't have enough texture now (but the rest looks great!)


hmmm i now shure if quite purple Royal, but i can do it.

and yeah i don't put any texture to look how work without shadows.

Infantry you can try with Model of Athenian Champion.

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This site's pretty excellent: www.reshafim.org.il/ad/egypt/index.html

It has a lot of great tech info and images, but where possible try to corroborate it with another source. When I last looked at Reshafim their Timeline page had a lot of errors, so the Timeline in specific should be ingored.

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I recently bought some figures to paint.

Here is the result

I'm waiting for your comments guys

Beautifully done, zaphzaph!

Speaking of Egypt, here is my rough preliminary document for the New Kingdom Egyptians. I know that this is a major Aristeia civ, so any comments, suggestions, and/or constructive criticism would be appreciated.


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New names:

Hence, around the end of the Second Intermediate Period, we find the introduction to Egypt of the Horse and Chariot (wrrt, or mrkbt), which may have spelt the end of the Hyksos occupation and the beginning of the prosperous New Kingdom. In fact, the chariot would be absorbed into the royal regalia, becoming as powerful a symbol of domination as the Predynastic mace.

Read more: http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/weapons.htm#ixzz31SRYl6zH

tutankhamun-blue-crown.jpgThe Blue Crown - Khepresh

(War Crown - hprs). One of the most common crowns found in Ancient Egypt, it can be first found from the Second Intermediate Period worn by Amenhotep III.

New Kindom Pharaohs are often shown wearing it in battle, but it was also frequently worn in ceremonies.

It was a blue helmet like crown adorned with golden sun discs, and like many Egyptain crowns, had a uraeus and vulture on the brow.

tutankhamun-nemes.jpgThe Nemes Crown or Headress

(nws). This was a striped cloth headress worn almost exclusively by the king in representations. The most famous example can be seen on Tutankhamun's golden mask.

The brow was decorated with the uraeus Wadjet and the vulture Nekhbet. It was associated with Re-Khepri at Sunrise and also with Horus, who bestowed it upon Osiris in order to bring about his rebirth.

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I wish to contribute something for the cause.

situaciĆ³n doc design document review the existent and make changes or comment and may be start and finalize whole desing document for each faction.

You have

Sea People

Neo Hittites

Neo Babylonians

Neo Assyrians



Kingdom of Israel

Shang dynasty

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