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Looking nice! :)

Now just need to sharpen/increase contrast in the textures. Now it looks a little bit blurry to distinguish from the normal camera distance.

Another engine limitation I didn't mention is that the textures do not "tile" if the UV islands go "beyond" texture space. I think you are using Max3D and I do not remember if this is the case with that software.but it's something to keep in mind depending on how you approach the mapping process :P.

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It's a bit better indeed! :)

Since you are working on a 256x256 texture I suggest you to reuse as much texture space as you can. Some examples to explain myself:

-The crate has 4 sides with the same image. You can remove 3 "duplicate" sides on the texture and that'll leave you with more space in the texture.

-The deck (and the whole boat) is symmetrical horizontally (you only need half of the deck like you made in the texture) but also vertically. So you can remove half of the deck texture and use the same space for the front and back.

-If you can make the same "trick" with the hull you'll save a lot of space to make the islands "bigger" and therefore, gain more texture resolution (increase texels).

To resume: try to use the symmetrical nature of the boat in your advantage when making the texture. It will let you have more detailed textures (bigger UV islands) I learned this while gaining experience working here, since I didn't work in lowpoly too much until I joined :P

As Enrique said, it would feel better with a lower floor inside the boat. Also, I would personally make the mast a little bit large and higher, and give more importance to the sail. Out of that the hull is very good and the texture is pretty fine for me.

I think he already did that, but he has to be careful to not pass the "water plane" or the boat will look full of water.

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Thanks Enrique and everybody else giving feedback here! I was actually working on what Enrique was saying about symmetry since I wasn't quite happy with the way the texture is looking. I'll make an update as soon as I make any progress. Also, sorry for being so slow and making so many mistakes :)

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Sounds good. I'm glad you guys like it!

Should I upload the max file or a collada file (or any other format) ?

Also, is there anything I need to do to the model before exporting the file? I read the Art Design Document on the website, but I'm not sure if I'm missing anything. Right now the boat is roughly 3.5 m long and its pivot is placed at water level at the origin of the file.

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You can zip it with the texture and post it here.

The model should be in collada (.dae) format and the texture in .png or .dds. The faces should be triangulated (no quads or ngons) and the mesh should be only one object.

I'm not sure if max exporter handles the same way as blender does, but in blender the pivot point is determined by the origin of the scene (coords 0,0,0) This center will determine the pivot point as well as the "water plane" level.

The size is hard to tell, I usually import a unit mesh or a building to get the correct scale, but that can be fixed easy after importing the mesh in-game.

Last but not least, we need some playercolor parts in the mesh to know which player owns the boat. Playercolor is achieved by having some transparent parts in the texture: full transparency=100% playercolor, no transparency= 0% playercolor. We can place the playercolor in parts of the boat or in details in the sail. It's up to you ;)

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The Boats themselves are of exactly the same build as the Boat in the Sfi,nchi Sculptures. The Bharhut examples, however, are about three centuries older ; but as the very same pattern of boat and the same oars are still in use at the present day, this bas- relief only affords us another example of the unchanging habits of the Hindus. Such as their Boat was in the days of Asoka, such it is now. The planks are notched on their edges to prevent their sliding, and they are fastened together by iron clamps. The oars are shaped somewhat like large spoons : each has a long bambu handle, with a flat piece of wood at the end to hold the water.





Small boat with iron clamps.

In the book in the link and the relief it shows..

The planks are notched on their edges to prevent their sliding, and they are fastened together by iron clamps.

If you look closely at the relief you can see the detail.

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That's strange. I actually did remove everything you suggested before exporting and I got an error as well when trying to reimport the model to see if it worked. Strange thing is, even though I got an error like you did, the model was imported anyway. I'll try creating another zip and I'll get back to you as soon as it's done.

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I initially added the player color on the sail, but I wasn't sure weather the stuff I added was in tone with the game. I had three diagonal lines on the sail. Is there anything in particular that we could use, such as logos or emblems, that we could add to the sail as player color? If so, let me know and I'll make the changes and reupload the .png alone.

As usual, thanks for all the help! ;)

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