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Crowd-Sourced Civ: Ptolemaic Egyptians (Ptolemies)


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But we this faction can put embassies have too many interesting units.



African or Semitic (Nabateans Jews and others)

I already gave them 2 different barracks. The standard Barracks (for Egyptian, North African, and Middle-Eastern units), and then the Military Settlement or "Klēroukhia" (for Galatian and Macedonian units) which can be built in Neutral territory.
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The problem is Ptolemaic Egypt have other mercenary troops able to fill the role as light infantry or axeman, for example the Carians from Asia Minor could fill the need. Historically they belong to the Ptolemaic Empire, so why not just use them as a substitute instead of using an anonymous unit?


Carian mercenaries (left) employed by Ptolemaic Egypt.


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we have a camel rider :D weee, i love see veriety in units.

The Seleucids have their own camel riders but they are Elymaeans who have fought as camel archer under Antiochus III to invade Greece but aborted before the invasion could happen. So that means we have 2 unit of Camel Riders because Ptolemaic Egypt use Bedouins as camel riders.

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