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Crowd-Sourced Civ: Ptolemaic Egyptians (Ptolemies)


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Ctrl+W is 'save as' on my laptop and blender config

You wouldn't happen to be running a Mac Shield Bearer?

If you can't remember a shortcut but you know the operation you want to perform, you can hit "space" in anytime and type the operation name for a quick "option search".
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Nice see you making progress on blender man! I'm going to make a non-fancy texture for houses and economy buildings after the sculptures.

You can try to iluminate the scene with a light set-up and switch the viewport to glsl renderng so you can see the realtime result for texturing. I can provide you with some light setups if you want.

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I have a CGTexture folder but I don't know how to unwrap yet

Can't use CGTextures, except for the CGTextures already in the game. We had to secure a custom license in order to use CGTextures materials and the license only includes CGTextures materials already in-game. So, perhaps try to grab some textures from the terrains or building textures folders.
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I'm a little bored this afternoon (exams start tomorrow so I'm resting :) ). Did some sort of a fishing ship. I'm leaving the .blend in case it's a good direction.

(the un-decimated mesh is 1000 tris, decimated is 600, there's a version on layer 3 where subsurf has not been applied that's 250 tris.)

Untextured. Default unwrap, probably bad.

If it's a good direction, I can probably work on it a little this week.

(it's been a while since I last used Blender…)

Egyptian fishing boat.blend.zip


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