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Graphics card?

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I'm trying to figure out why I can't get the game to start for me. The screen just goes blank when I click on the logo. I think that my general system requirements are fine, I have enough RAM, etc. I am using Windows 7 Starter if that is the problem?

But I'm not really sure if my graphics card is good enough:

I have DirectX11

Intel Graphics Media Acceleratore 3600 Series

Main Driver: igdumd32.dll, Version: (the Intel website said it was up to date)

Ttl Memory: 249MB

Draw, 3D, & Texture Acceleration are all enabled.

Also, it is a netbook that I am trying to run it on. Could it be that the game is just too powerful for a netbook?

My apologies for not being the most computer savvy person! And thank you kindly if anyone can help me out...it would be a pity to uninstall the game if all I had to do was make a few small changes to play.


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Hi, can you attach the system_info.txt created in the game's log folder? That will give us some more info about your system. I wonder if there's not an error that is being missed since it starts in fullscreen mode. Try setting windowed=true in the game's config file as described in the manual.

This will take some troubleshooting, but there's a few other things we can look at. If you can, download and run Microsoft's free DebugView utility, then try running the game. DebugView should log some output from the game that might show us what goes wrong, paste that here.

I haven't heard of the game running successfully on a netbook, unfortunately I don't have one to test. I don't know a reason (yet) that it wouldn't work, there could just be a small problem we need to fix. This is the only other report I've seen of the game failing on a netbook, also Windows 7.

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It looks like Intel's drivers for the GMA 3600 are so buggy that nothing works on them. Do any other recent 3d games work on your netbook?

Besides, on underpowered hardware like the GMAs, even if the game did run it would probably be far too slow to play (the game should run fine on netbooks with Intel HD graphics cards and above).

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