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Other RTS game you play

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Lords of Magic was an awesome game. I used to waste whole weekends playing that game :)..

I have it installed on this computer, still fire it up once in a while.

I think anyone who wants to design RTS battle games should study its combat system. It really brought tactics into play. Flanking attacks could be devastating, different factions required the use of different tactics to deal with their different strengths and weaknesses.

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I pretty much have played most of them.

The ones that I have played the most and are also the ones that I enjoy include -- AoE/AoE II -- AoM -- Empire Earth I/II

Rise of Nations for me was alright... It tended to be abit shallow and I wasn't used to it's plain style over an AoE type game.

Empire Earth II could of been better though. It lacked many things EE I had. And it's graphics weren't totally that great either.

Empire Earth III And Age of Empires III I would have to say are epic fails and really disapointed a lot of poeple including me.

Civilization is so much like "The Settlers", big units that are level with tree heights isn't exactly... normal. So I recommend these RTS games for your grandmothers and aunties those units they can see very well. :cheers: Cheers to the grandmas. YOu might want to throw EE III in there too, a nostalgic game that simulates a neo version of WoW... lolz

0 A.D. I find, matches my prefernces for an RTS. Accurate unit models, unique language, and the fact that's set in ancient history which I like and so many RTS games lack that era. There's so much focus and emphasis layed on Medieval times which is really boring and very little attention is given to the ancient times. Which is a serious let down. 0 A.D. has many features that lacked hugely in AoE games. I also like the unit sizes in relation to buildings and trees, the minor things that really stand out, I think make 0 A.D. more realistic than your RTS games on the market.

Something that I really like about 0 A.D. is that all civ units are unique and this gives great distinguishable gameplay and sets civs more apart from eachother. Also another realistic facet for this RTS.

What seems wierd in so many RTS games is that when playing Greeks, Romans, or any advanced nation against barbarian nations they also can train the same shiny hoplites and infantry as you, and this really not real and something I found to be irritating. So again these little things that the creators here have mended into an art of realism is truly apprecitated by picky impossible individuals like me that pay great attention to detail.

I have also played TBS games with the likes of RTW etc. Medieval TW again bores me. And RTW II looks interesting by far. But in RTS you have greater freedom in my opinion, that you are in control live without reverting to a menu to manage situations etc etc.

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[...]Greeks, Romans, or any advanced nation against barbarian nations

Please avoid sentences like that. In my opinion we should stop to name Barbarians to European tribes, they just were different. Don't take it badly, but we're still living in an occidental ethnocentric society, and we're also ethnocentric when we spoke about the cultures that we take as our ancenstors.

By the way. back to the topic.

As a lot of players there, My first videogame was Aoe1. So it brings me a lot to happy days of my childhood. I played all Aoe games, Aoe Online one time only, they screwed it. By the way Aoe3 was great, the problem I thing is that they change a lot of gameplay... but was fun!

I played also Empire earth 1 and 2 but they bored me...

Civilization , Heroes of Migh and Magic 3,4; Widelands, Caesar 3, Imperium games, Battle of Wesnoth..

Blizzars RTS too. I would like to see a good editor like the Warcraft 3 one!!

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every age of empire (with a sligth preference for aok)

battle for middle earth 1 (using the dwarf hold mod : hundreds of time better than bfme2)

compagny of heroes

dawn of war 1

dawn of war 2 (just for the great campaign)

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Back when I was little, I used to play mostly real time strategy demos:

Age of Empires 1 (which I bought)

7th Legion (I recently downloaded it, great music, had potential, battlecards & interesting rescource system but the game is bad)

Knights & Merchants (which I bought)

Red Alert (not much, the demo was very limited)

Ceasar 3

Then when I was a bit older, I played mostly:

Knights & Merchants

Age of Empires 1 (played this much online on Zone.com, but always deathmatch, fond memories of this)

Seven Kingdoms (excellent strategy game when you get the hang of it, takes long to get used to especially when you are young)

Lords of the Realms 2 (quite enjoyable, but not that great)

Empire Earth (loved it back in the day)

Then when I got even older:

Company of Heroes, excellent game, but not a casual game and flawed faction design (in my opinion) means it can be very frustrating sometimes, since it's very competative

Was almost going to buy Medieval 2, but I though, meh I spend too much time on the computer let's not buy this game

More recent:

I tried Rise of Rome, Ceasor 3 and 7th Legion, but it's not that enjoyable anymore

Not a real time strategy, but a strategy game I recently bought and used to play with my cousins:

Worms Armageddon, excellent game, very fun to play with friends. This is actually still enjoyable.

Fun fact: Worms Armageddon is still being updated by volunteers.

And nowadays I play 0 a.d

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