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Forgotten Empires, your roots in AOK...

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I know 0 A.D. started as a mod for Age of Kings. Well, fans got together, and are finally making an expansion. The guy heading the team is called Cysion, or bert.


their facebook page has over 11000 fans! and growing!

So visit 0 a.d.'s roots, play an Age of Kings game once in a while, and look forward to this expac, and the campaigns. Hopefully lots of campaigns, not just 3 or 4.

A game I'm looking forward to.. And might you guys reach beta in December as well? Lots of stuff to look forward to this holiday season, may as well get in on it

Edit: Just a few minutes after I posted this, their site is now appearing to be having problems. I suspect their putting development blog #6 up.. and accidentally deleted some stuff. Wait and see.

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Time too bump this topic, as lots of stuff is happening at the forgotten empires website! Streamed campaigns, a more in depth look at the AI, graphics, and more events coming! Matches between the testers, what are you waiting for?


I forgot in the original post.. But the Userpatch will be built into the expansion! for those who don't know, you may wish to check here - http://www.xomicron.com/software/userpatch

Lion.Kazen, I'm not on the team, so I can't tell you. All I did was argue in the now >450 pg discussion topic and come up with one of the first new UT. (Greek Fire for Byzantines)

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