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===[COMMITTED]=== Mauryan War Elephant (and hero elephant)


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Multiple archers per elephant is for the "Cavalry Archer" unit. The War Elephant is pretty much just for siege ability, unless we get passive attacks, then we can add an archer.

So some elephants will attack, while others will just use the mounted archers to attack?

I guess the archers can just use the standard biped attack animations, but I will still need to animate an elephant attacking.

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The "Champion" elephant unit, or War Elephant, is the Mauryan player's primary siege weapon.

Someone posted a photo of an Indian fortress gate with spikes on it and said the spikes were against elephants... Will there be a feature to represent the spikes? Yes, denying elephants completely is a bit OP, but what about returning some damage on each hit?

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The elephants will need these prop points:

- Driver (behind the head, on the back of the neck)

- Archer1, Archer2, Archer3 (the elephant archer will have up to 3 archers on its back for the elite rank)

- Head (for plumes, crests, forehead armor and such)

- Turret (on the back, for howdahs, e.g. turrets)

- Chest (front of the chest, under the throat, for possible chest armor or bells)

Any else?

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The african elephant is larger. African ears go up more than asian. The skin of african elephants is more wrinkled. All african elephants posses tusks, but not all asian ones do ... there's plenty of differences!

I think all asian male elephants have tusks. Females I usually dont see it. Correct me if im wrong.




bull indian elephant

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Well, this is not the war or hero elephant, but Mythos asked for some props for the elephant worker, so I made two prototypes (textures and design in WIP)


This Asian model is good. I think the only problem is that the ears look huge like the African ones.



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