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===[COMMITTED]=== Mauryan Chariot ("Ratha")


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So would this be a ranged unit (bow/javelin)? Or does it have both ranged and melee attack?

Also, would it be possible to the programmers to make the archer face in the direction they were firing, while the rest of the chariot continues to face the way it was. The same question would apply to other mounted units (having them aim towards a specific target without having to rotate the mount too).

This way we could have mounted archers firing and moving at the same time (that is if you want that in game).

I think that in the AoE games (even the newer ones) they just rotate the whole unit and always have the unit firing forwards from a standing position. It's a lot easier doing it this way, but doesn't look as natural.

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Nice work, Enrique.

Is it possible to make a unit like this??


General, Emperor, etc flanked by two female archers? Emperors always had female guards around them. Why not put that in the game?

Would be an awesome unit.

Yep. At least one of the heroes (either Chandragupta or Ashoka) will ride a chariot, so female bodyguards will be in order.
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Really like it, is it possible I could get the symbol on the front of the left and right chariots to put on the sail of the Mauryan fishing boat?

I took it from Lion Kanzen shield designs. I will post it here soon.

Are you using my horse model?

Yes! you noticed... :P

I was checking it. (really nice model :)) and playing around with the UVs, but as you can see, I got frustrated and leave the textures unfinished. Sorry about that.

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Chariot hero WIP. Any particular symbol to use there?

Enrique, great work on the chariot texturing. Just one remark : I'm really not fond of the look of the umbrella in that last picture... It looks too kitsch and modern. Can you try another style closer to the reference pictures, something with less red and more white ? I know we need to see the player color, but for now your version looks way too much like a modern beach umbrella. Sticking to the source pictures might lead you to something working fine.

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