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===[COMMITTED]=== Mauryan Stupa, Wonder, and Edict Pillar of Ashoka


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I'm thinking of axing the "stupa" as a standard special structure and just making the Great Stupa of Sanchi the Mauryan "Wonder." The Edict Pillar of Ashoka will remain a "special structure" buildable by the Ashoka hero unit. Eggbird has made an excellent high-poly Pillar of Ashoka, so we should just expand upon that (add a cool base, then a chakra on the top) for the game version, probably with a high-def normal map.



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Excellent work LordGood !

I don't see much more to do on the modelling level. Maybe adding an entrance to inside the "boob" ? :) Maybe it had no entrance, maybe it did... Well, that's not very important actually.


the buddhist stupa was a solid structure, and participants walked around it I beleive. I think it housed a relic of some sort too, at the very top.

it was a place of reflection, not worship

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Would it be possible to make the four lion capital?








This is the coolest out of all the capitals.

The Lion capital of Ashoka is a sculpture of four "Indian lions" standing back to back. It was originally placed atop the Aśoka pillar at Sarnath, now in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India by Emperor Ashoka c. 250 BCE. The pillar, sometimes called the Aśoka Column is still in its original location, but the Lion Capital is now in the Sarnath Museum. This Lion Capital of Ashoka from Sarnath was adopted as the National Emblem of India in 1950.[3] The wheel "Ashoka Chakra" from its base was placed onto the centre of the National Flag of India.

The capital contains four lions (Indian/Asiatic Lions), standing back to back, mounted on an abacus, with a frieze carrying sculptures in high relief of an elephant, a galloping horse, a bull and a lion, separated by intervening spoked chariot-wheels over a bell-shaped lotus. Carved out of a single block of polished sandstone, the capital was believed to be crowned by a 'Wheel of Dharma' (Dharmachakra popularly known in India as the "Ashoka Chakra"), which has now been lost. There is a similar intact Ashoka pillar in Thailand (see photo) with a similar four lion capital intact and crowned with Ashoka Chakra / Dharmachakra.


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darn it, I wish he made the four lions.wHWcp.png

Don't be sad, those pillars are easy to do with existing meshes already in-game (done with Eggbird lions) ;)

It just need the round base for the lions. (Maybe it's an optical illusion but I think that there are 3 lions instead of 4 in those pictures you posted)


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Yep, the Ashoka pillars should be round and their own separate "structure" built or placed by the Ashoka hero unit. I think a variety of designs (different animals) would be cool, with the important chakra over the top. I would love it if Eggbird or someone can make nice high-quality normal maps for them too to help give them a nice high-poly look as seen in his video.

Rough stupa modelmauryan_great_stupa_by_lordgood-d5kk0hv.jpg

This is absolutely awesome, LordGood. I think what will really sell this model is the texture (and AO and normal maps). I would suggest using the same "brick wall" texture that the Civ Centre uses, but just in a lighter shade.

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