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0 A.D. Graphics for Gameolith

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Hi! I just found this discussion, so I put together some ideas for the banners. I would like to have a nice image of a soldier (on a transparent background) to put on the left of the larger one espe

Hi folks ! Here are the 3 requested PNG elements for Gameolith, plus a large version of the box art in jpg. For the banners, as you can see, I alternate the background to use 2 interesting horizontal

And yet an alternative version with a bit of 0AD palms landscape (recent screenshot !)

Posted Images

Here is my second proposal.

I haven't had much time yesterday and today so I have not explored a lot. Later this week I will try other possibilities. I'd love something between this and my first idea. I'd like to reach something quite minimalist.

Thanks Geek377! I've then used this font for the sentence at the top.


Looks good! I would add something to the white text though, to make it stand out more from the background. The later examples are not as good IMO, they don't show much of the game and don't feel as "dynamic".

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I was going to post this earlier but decided to make a sort of layout... I liked Pedro's use of the strip running through the middle.And then I saw Ludo's new "blended" graphic... well how about something like this... anybody with the skills/tools want to experiment? A landscape, some combat, and a city works best :)


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So far I like the one in posts #24 and #25 the best. But I am still looking forward to better work. I miss some of the drama and detail you can see in the old AoE covers.

Can you use the main menu artwork, perhaps?

Another version :

The soldiers picture is a photo I took this summer in Greece of an Ancient pottery.

Can someone confirm me if 0AD can include exterior pictures, as long as these are public domain (this is the case here) ?

Yes, no problem.

I'm not very happy with the catch sentence in the upper part. Probably too big, or needing some stuffs around it. I'll see how I can improve that.

Yes, I agree, it can be much improved. Try setting it in SMALL CAPS.

Also please avoid stretching it vertically, it can make text extremely ugly.

Are there other logos or informations to include in the bottom ?

I always like indicating that 0 A.D. is cross-platform with logos of Windows, Tux and Apple.

Another idea is to represent the Creative Commons by-sa license and the GPL (v. 2 and above; sadly only v3 has an official logo).

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Hi Brynn!

I like the atmosphere of your banners, and I'd like to go quite a similar way with them. You seem to have stock of nice screenshots. Do you ?

I need recent screenshots (best with armies and buildings) to have the most updates look for the game on the box art.

Quantumstate already suggested me ModDB but the screens there are not exactly what I need.

Cool if you have that!

Thank you! I actually haven't got that many screenshots. The one in the banners was from a weekly update showing off new effects (any idea when we can get these in the game?).

I will have a go at the box art next. I like the way you are going with it!


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Thank you everybody for the feeback, thanks Pedro for the font, thanks Jeru for your detailed help.

Brynn, that all makes me wonder : Maybe it could be great to have a forum thread dedicated to screenshots ! Just the way there's the thread "0 A.D. on Youtube", there could be "Users Screenshots" !

I personally don't have time (or so few..) to play the game, so I can't produce screenshots. But I guess others in here would be productive at it and with very good looking scenes of battle of city building !

That would greatly contribute to the making of communication material like the box-art.

I will surely send an update of the box-art by tomorrow.

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A pretty good job from you guys, kinda inspired me to try something as well ;)

What do you think about this?

EDIT: The logo is low res, but I'll fix that in the next iteration :)

All informations are there, in simple and effective way and position, epic warrior and epic battle. But, with sincerity, the background SS should be "less visible", it kinda overwhelms the vision.

Look at this cover:


The title of the game stands out, the 3 heads are the epic warriors, the desirable information is there, at the corners and the "game pics" are also represented there, but with much less emphasis, it doesn't make you look there and doesn't make you look away, if you understand what i am saying. The art is there, but you'll only notice it IF you want. Brynn's banner, e.g. had a background image, but with a soft effect. the cover style Ludo made and i modified had fading effects at the corners to make the info stand out and the stripe on the middle screaming "Hey! I'm here! Look at me!". In this last pic of Shield Bearer, the name of the game seems a bit hidden and the jumping elephant is who screams "look at me!", if you understand. It's not bad at all, you just need to make the correct regions of the cover to stand out.

Edit: High Res logo with alpha background attached


Edited by Pedro Falcão
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We require 3 pieces of

artwork - box art scalable to 180x272, and two banner images with the

game's title on it of sizes 535x272 and 856x337 respectively.

Could we wrap this up using the post #25 graphic, preferably with the source files you used?

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Hi folks !

Here are the 3 requested PNG elements for Gameolith, plus a large version of the box art in jpg.

For the banners, as you can see, I alternate the background to use 2 interesting horizontal parts of the box art.

I can provide the sources when needed.





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Thanks everybody for the feedback!

A question : I'd like to have access to good quality versions of the civilizations logos (like the greek owl for example) we see in the top of the game window. Where can I find them all ? Thanks a lot by advance.

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Hi! The files used in the game are 128x128 images found in

...0 A.D. Alpha\binaries\data\mods\public\art extures\ui\session\portraits\emblems

I am not sure if there are higher quality versions around.


Thanks a lot Brynn! Sure, having the emblems in higher quality could be very useful for visual communication. Someone have them available in the network ?..

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