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I'm new to the forum but I following 0 A.D. quite a while.

So today the new service from Valve "Steam Greenlight" launched.

There you introduce your own game, the Steam community votes and maybe it will become avaiable on steam.

I think this is a great opportunity to get more players to 0 A.D.

What do you think?

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0 A.D. is still in alpha stage and my opinion is that it's too early for that.

Players who expect a polished and stable game won't stay long because of lag, bugs, missing features, balancing issues etc...

They probably even won't try 0 A.D. again later because of their bad experience.

Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong about getting more players and 0 A.D. is already quite fun to play... but It's very important that players know what it is: an early development version. :)

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Greenlight is also for Games in Alpha

Can I post my game concept or early builds?

Absolutely! We encourage you to post information about your game as early in the development process as you are comfortable with. Greenlight will let you define whether you are posting your game as a concept/early build or as a playable game that is nearing completion.

We ask that you only define your game as 'playable game' if you have a playable build that demonstrates the gameplay mechanics and at least one level of your game. Otherwise, please classify your submission as 'concept' until its far enough along that the community can reasonably evaluate the mechanics, scope, and style of your game. Either way, you will probably get great feedback and a good start in building a community of fans around your game.

Source: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/about/?appid=765&section=faq

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Steam seems like a great distribution platform for 0 A.D. when it is finished. Right now, however, Putting 0 A.D. on a platform like Steam at this stage may create the impression that it is a ready game and disappoint many players. (We already have received many complaints about lag, for example, and we would rather sort that out before inviting the whole world to play.)

In order to improve the speed and quality of development, at this point we would rather attract game developers than members of the general public, and that is how we are focusing our marketing efforts. To appeal to this crowd, for example, we try to release often and show steady progress in development, and publicize 0 A.D. in relevant niche blogs, such as the SourceForge blog.

We are interested to know if the community has any ideas how to further support this effort. :)

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Yep! I never liked steam very much (and still don't) but since they are coming to linux I feel forced to adjust my opinion on the matter.

I believe 0AD is a great game even as it is, but agree that it should not be put on Steam just yet. I think multicore processors should be supported before we want to put it out there, the main reason I nearly never finish a game is because the lag gets sooo terrible that it becomes near unplayable. A beta release on steam should be fine!

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The aim of Desura is to provide gamers with a dependable interface which delivers the content they want to play in the quickest cross-pc way possible. At its heart is a digital distribution application which can serve (and patch) games, mods and addons to its members.

Desura plataform


Would you like to own your digital distribution? Contact us for a live tech demonstration of Desura and how we can provide you with a store ready to stock and sell your games. Or download our pitch.


Are you building your game and want to integrate a powerful API with cloud, stats, achievements quickly and easily? Or perhaps you want to start promoting your game prior to release. Desura + IndieDB and ModDB can help kick start your project and see it through to completion. Contact us to begin the publishing process.


Craving great games? Look no further than our catalog of free and paid content. Join in with the community, and your friends - as we aim to make Desura an open place for gamers to communicate and have fun finding titles to play.

The Desura game client is not only available for open-source-loving players, but also now for developers. They've released the client on Github as Desurium under GPL v3


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supertuxkart is on steam now too, but there is a big catch:


... the license problem we have

We have to use a steam wrapper (stand-alone processes, communicating via pipes) in order to use steam
steam api is closed source, so you need an exception in the GPL (... and is allowed to link in with lib_steam or so)
Since there is more or less no way for us to get 200+ people to agree to that, we were stuck there

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